Relationship: 4 reasons why you should stay chaste

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Relationship: 4 reasons why you should stay chaste

Because the dull ache in her abdomen persisted, Esther consulted a doctor. After carefully examining her chart and asking a few questions, the doctor matter-of-factly inquired: “What method of contraception are you using?”

Doubled up with pain from a problem that proved to be nothing serious, Esther moaned: “I’m not using any.”

“What!” exclaimed the doctor, “Do you want to get pregnant?”

“No,” was this single woman’s reply.

“How do you expect not to get pregnant if you’re not using anything?” retorted the irritated doctor.

“Because I’m not having s3x!” responded Esther.

The doctor stared at her in disbelief and glanced again at her chart. “And you’re 23 years old?” he blurted. “I don’t mean to be offensive, but this is unbelievable. Kids come in here 13 years old, and they are no longer virgins. You are a remarkable person. I see very few young girls who are virgins.”

IN TODAY’S world, chastity has all but disappeared. “It is the exceptional young person who has not had s3xual intercourse while still a teenager,” was a conclusion reached by an authoritative 1981 report by The Alan Guttmacher Institute. “Eight in 10 males and seven in 10 females report having had intercourse while in their teens.” What benefits are there in keeping chaste?

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A Physical Protection

Dr. Richard Lee, writing in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, urged his fellow physicians: “We boast to our young people about our great breakthroughs in preventing pregnancy and treating venereal disease disregarding the most reliable and specific, the least expensive and toxic, preventative of both gestational and venereal distress—the ancient, honorable, and even healthy state of virginity.” Clearly aware of the physical dangers of immoral s3x, he concluded his article: “There is still a place for physicians to advise chastity.”

Of course, not all premarital s3x causes pregnancy or a s3xually transmitted disease. But the benefits of chastity go much deeper.

Peace and Self-Respect

It brings the self-respect that you do not have to worry about any sort of disease that may indeed be a cause of stumble to your health. You will also have a clean conscience that you did not sell off your pride to a man that you may not eventually marry.

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Builds Lasting Intimacy

Though s3x has power, it alone cannot forge a permanent relationship. When s3x is delayed till marriage, the couple concentrates on the personal and social qualities, rather than on s3xual satisfaction. Focusing on s3xual satisfaction can lead to serious problems.

For instance, after two painful breakups, Ann admitted: “I learned from experience that at times you can get too close physically too soon.” Thus, when she and her future husband began to date, they were very careful to avoid becoming too intimate physically. You see, under the enrapturing influence of s3xual intimacies, a couple may gloss over serious differences that resurface after marriage.

Those who are chaste can avoid such deception. Explains Ann, who has now been happily married for four years: “While courting, we spent our time working out problems and discussing our goals in life. I got to know what type of person I was marrying. After marriage, there were only pleasant surprises. Most couples really don’t have that much time to spend together while courting. So, if they’re constantly romancing and kissing, they can’t talk about serious matters or work out differences.”

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Was it hard for them to control their emotions? “Yes, it was!” confessed Ann. “I am just naturally an affectionate person, and Tim loved it. But we talked about the dangers and helped each other. We both wanted very much not spoil our upcoming marriage.” However, many young people fear that not having s3x will spoil their marriage. Will it?

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