How to prevent skin cancer


How to prevent skin cancer
Especially in the hottest times of the year, where everyone wants to sunbathe and enjoy their beach vacation, it is even more important to take care to avoid the onset of skin cancer. Check out the tips below to enjoy sunny days without putting your health at risk.

Tips to decrease the chances of getting skin cancer
Using sunscreen is practically a must, even on cloudy days. And this should start early with the children, because it is not just the sun exposure received after 30 years that causes skin cancer. Therefore, there is no age for protection – the sunscreen should be used by everyone and as often as possible.

The sunscreen factor should be at least 15 and should be passed on the body and face within 20 minutes before exposure to the sun’s rays. If you are at the beach or pool, it is important to reapply the product from time to time. In case of excessive perspiration, it is also recommended to apply sunscreen again.

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Another villain of the skin is the sun from 10 to 15 hours. Exposing yourself between these times is putting your skin and your health at serious risk and the damage will only be noticed later and may already be too late. Therefore, avoid totally exposing yourself to the sun at these times.

To further protect yourself from skin cancer, always wear hats and take shelter in the shade while at the beach or at clubs and pools. But keep in mind that these “barriers” do not eliminate the need to wear sunscreen properly.

It is also recommended to use specific products with a sun protection factor for the lips and hair , thus avoiding the damages that the sun’s rays can cause in these regions.

Take care always
To avoid discovering any advanced cancer, it is essential to always be on the lookout for your skin. Be careful to notice the appearance of blemishes, the change of color in spots and warts and the existence of wounds and barks that never heal. If you notice something like this, seek your dermatologist immediately.

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It is recommended to consult with your dermatologist at least once a year, even if you have not noticed warning signs for skin cancer. Remember that the sooner he is diagnosed, the greater the chances of total cure.

Stay alert, take care of your health and do not risk your skin and your life for a summer tan.

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