Moringa: the plant that prevents cancer and improves sexual performance


Moringa: the plant that prevents cancer and improves sexual performance
A fast-growing tree, native to India and with its very common cultivation in subtropical regions such as South America, Africa and Asia, the oil moringa, or stick tree, can be considered a versatile plant, rich in nutrients, and can be introduced into the diet .

According to a nutritionist its characteristics can be visualized in its trunk of thickness of bark, with whitish color and its long and fallen branches, composed by oval leaflets.

Among its main nutrients, the professional highlights vitamin A in abundance, in addition to high doses of calcium , potassium and iron. “Its small leaves are also rich in protein, containing about twice the amount found in yogurt,” he says.

Known as the “tree of life”, in addition to the benefits obtained through its consumption, it can still be used for water purification, biofuel manufacturing and to treat some health problems.

12 incredible moringa benefits
Despite its widespread use only in recent times, the moringa was already used by the ancient people because of its numerous benefits. Its medicinal use was widely applied by Egyptian and Greek peoples, treating a serious of diseases. Here are some of the incredible benefits of this plant according to the nutritionist:

It is anti-inflammatory: when treating an edema with extract of the root of this plant, a decrease in the local swelling occurs, due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, being an effective tool to fight the development of a affection.

Combats aging of the skin: according to professionals, the oil of its seed has a detoxifying and moisturizing effect, helping to prevent wrinkles and neutralizing the harmful effect that the pollution causes on the skin, being much used in the production of cosmetics.

Helps in the treatment of gastric diseases: the moringa has isothiocyanates, compounds effective in the treatment of gastric diseases like the constipation and the gastritis. “This plant can even replace the use of antacids,” he says.

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Supporting in the treatment of diabetes: Moringa helps in reducing the glucose available in the blood, as well as in reducing the presence of proteins in the urine of people with this disease.

It provides protection to the liver: “in addition to accelerating the process of recovery of the liver compromised, it still helps restore levels of glutathione in the body, an important compound to prevent cell death,” he teaches. This effect occurs due to the presence of vitamin C , ferulic acid, catechin and epicatechin.

Rich in nutrients: among its vitamins, one can cite the presence of vitamin B1, B3, B3, B6 , vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin C . In relation to minerals, there are high doses of zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and potassium.

Supporting in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases: some studies show that the moringa extract is able to alter the doses of dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin in the brain, being a good option to avoid degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s .

Guarantee of stronger bones: the moringa contributes to bone health “due to the presence of minerals essential for the good health of the bone system, such as calcium and phosphorus,” explains the nutritionist. Still according to the professional, the extract of this plant contains anti-inflammatory properties, making it a good option to aid in the treatment of arthritis or a bone fracture.moringa-the-plant-that-prevents-cancer-and-improves-sexual-performance-toralife

Combat free radicals: it contains high doses of kaempferol, caffeine, zeatin, quercetin, rutin, chlorogenic acid and beta-sitosterol, moringa helps eliminate free radicals, avoiding the premature aging of cells.

Helps in preventing and fighting cancer: the plant helps prevent the development of cancer cells, inhibiting their multiplication and inducing the death of diseased cells, due to the presence of components such as quercetin and campperol.

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It guarantees a more beautiful hair: the oil of its seed can be applied as a conditioner, stimulating the growth of the yarn, favoring a deeper cleaning and strengthening its roots.

Combat hypertension: this plant has bioactive components, which prevent the thickening of arteries, reducing the incidence of hypertension and promoting good blood circulation.

Forms of consumption
Found in the commerce in various forms, possessing culinary or therapeutic use, know the possibilities and indicated quantities of consumption of the moringa:

Leaves: with culinary use, they can be added to the salads or to the preparations of sauces and soups, enriching the food with its nutrients. Due to its high protein composition, it is a good alternative to the consumption of meat for vegetarians and vegans.

Capsules: The capsule containing its powder is widely used for the manufacture of nutritional supplements, due to its high doses of proteins (about 48.75%), iron and carbohydrates.

Seeds: composed of about 40% oil, its use is widely applied in the cosmetics industry, in the manufacture of medicines, water treatment and food.moringa-the-plant-that-prevents-cancer-and-improves-sexual-performance-toralife

Tea: containing more than 90 nutrients, is able to assist in the search for a better quality of life. Prepared from the infusion of the leaves of this plant, can be prepared as follows: add 1 and a half spoon leaves of the moringa in half a liter of boiling water. For a more enjoyable taste, add honey, ginger and orange juice or coconut water. Simply stir the mixture for 2 minutes and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

It can be ingested daily, but the nutritionist warns that, just like any tea, its consumption should be avoided by pregnant women, only released if there is medical monitoring, as it can produce an abortive effect.

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Oil: its cold pressed version is widely used in cooking, having a long service life. Besides its nutritive properties, it is still emollient and moisturizing, being the ideal option for facials and care for the lips and hair.

Moringa and sexual performance
Potent stimulant, the plant has been used to increase libido due to the presence of compounds known as saponins, which “help regulate testosterone levels,” says Andrea.

According to the nutritionist, its energizing power also contributes to increase the sexual desire of both men and women. “But men realize this increase more, since the plant stimulates the production of testosterone.”

Side effects and contraindications
Recent research indicates that its indiscriminate use may increase the chances of a stroke by stimulating the production of red blood cells. Another side effect would be the feeling of drowsiness, caused by the abrupt fall of blood glucose.

Because of its power as a “natural anticoagulant”, its use should be avoided by people who require the use of this type of medication.

Like any medicinal plant, the ideal is that its consumption is accompanied by a responsible professional, indicating the correct doses and way of use so that you can enjoy all the benefits without worries.

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