Laziness, What can you do about it?


Laziness, What can you do about it?

You have finally finished all that work you planned for today and now it’s chilling time. Then that nagging voice at the back of your head arises once more, making you feel that you have to do something and something useful at that. Yeah, we all have that voice but if I were you, I would not pay attention to it. This world is full of information and devices that are supposed to make our lives easier but all we seem to be doing is anything but living a simple life. Our brains are constantly at work. This can’t be all there is to life. Come in laziness, the key to an easier life.

An easier life is achievable when you take on a vow of laziness. Lazy people constantly look for solutions to their problems through the use of ‘shortcuts’. The conventional, usually complicated, way of going about the solution to a problem is an issue on its own. And so, they invent ways by which they solve their problem by expending the least possible amount of energy. Simply put, they are SMART. The world’s greatest inventions were as a result of the lazy people among us who tried to circumvent the issue at hand and ended up benefiting mankind. The light bulb, for example, was invented as a result of man’s refusal to develop his night vision like that of some animals and of course, vampires. Just joking by the way. But seriously though, lazy people are smart.

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In order to bring about meaningful solutions to our problems, we must be creative. That brings us to the next advantage of being lazy: CREATIVITY. And guess what, this has scientific backing. Research has discovered a brain network that is only active when we are being lazy. It is called the Default Mode Network (DMN). Scientists believe that it helps us form long-term memories, encourages creativity and also restores our motivation and attention. Creativity helps us to be more productive at work to say the least. It gives us a stress free mind as we imagine ourselves in funny or ideal situations by our standards. My advice goes this way: Take some time off once in a while from work. A professor and a consultant neurosurgeon once told us in class that every week he takes a few hours off. No one knows his whereabouts apart from his wife. What’s more, he chooses the day of the week randomly so that his choice would not be anticipated. Resting that brain of yours once in a while rather than pushing yourself to the limit would make you more focused and attentive at work.

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Lazy people are good people in general. How so? They don’t even have the mental energy to think about hurting other people so how can they carry it out physically? The occurrence of some crimes such as stealing, arson or even murder would drastically reduce if people didn’t over think things and were just lazy.

Next time you want to shout at a later person, remember… Too lazy to remember or even complete the sentence.

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