Lack of sexual desire: possible causes and how to get around the situation


Lack of sexual desire: possible causes and how to get around the situation
Lack of sexual appetite is more common than many may think. Everyone has their own time and their way of dealing with sex and with their sexual needs. Therefore, depending on the need and the will of each and every couple, the lack of desire can represent from a simple moment to a more troublesome problem that must be evaluated.

It is not uncommon for women to fall into the classic trap of comparison: if my partner has much more frequent and constant sexual desires, what will be the problem with me? The first error can be found in this reflection. To begin with, the way sexual desire happens is different for each person and is also different between genders.lack-sexual-desire-possible-causes-get-around-situation-toralife

Many women suffer daily for fear of failing to satisfy their partner sexually as much as they would like. Of course, receiving affection is very important for a person to feel loved, but although sex is an important factor in the relationship (at different intensities depending on each couple), it should not be the only thermometer for love.

Learn more about the causes of lack of sexual desire and what can help you reverse this situation in a healthy and simple way.

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What can cause lack of sex drive?
Lack of desire can be temporary and thus more than normal in the sense that everyone has cycles and personal issues, or it may be a more enduring condition, and in this case, it means some physical or emotional problem.

To try to identify what your case begins by evaluating what may be happening. How long have you felt unwilling? Is there any physical discomfort that has taken away your desire? Any anguish related to other factors in life or an episode that triggered this situation? This intimate pursuit of details will be essential for understanding and, consequently, for circumventing the situation.

According to Dr. Domingos Mantelli, a gynecologist and obstetrician at the Mantelli Clinic, female sexual desire is governed by two main factors: hormones and emotions: “Any of these factors that change will completely change the woman’s organism, libido”. Therefore, it is essential to seek to discover what may be the reason for lack of desire. Among the most common are:

Hormonal oscillation
Both the fall and the increase of the female libido can be caused by hormonal oscillation. This includes menopause, pregnancy, and changes during the menstrual cycle.

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Emotional changes
Changed emotional states, such as depression, the loss of a relative or friend, stress and anxiety can influence a woman’s sexual desire. Female horniness is directly related to the emotional field. From some simple personal problem with the partner up to one of the biggest sexual appetite villains, depression, in most cases the problem of lack of desire is related to psychological or emotional issues that can generate a sexual block.

Emotional Change

Physical discomfort
Pain during penetration, cramps, runny nose, vaginitis or even day-to-day tiredness are also great influencers of female libido. In case of physical discomfort at the time of sex, if it is not something easily identifiable, such as a temporary colic, it is advisable to seek a specialist for a deeper analysis of the causes and possible treatments.

Sexual repression
Historically and culturally, female sexual freedom and pleasure are seen as taboo. From a young age, girls are barred from seeking pleasure and knowing their bodies. This is a reason more than common and that, fortunately, today has weakened in the debates and the incentive to the search of the pleasure by the woman. If sex is done by thinking of only one side satisfaction, it will be difficult for there to be a real will on the part of the woman. A really healthy sex life depends on the satisfaction of both sides.

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The fatigue and stress of routine, work, childcare, among other factors, also influence the sexual appetite. After a long and tiring day, it’s more than plausible that you’re not in the mood for sex. Marital problems with the partner are also great causes of lack of desire.

Therefore, the most important recommendation is first to look for the reason for losing the libido and, if necessary, to seek a gynecologist or psychologist to identify the causes that are causing the sexual disinterest – this way it will be easier to find out the best way to solve the situation.

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