Health Reasons Why You Don’t Poop Everyday


Health Reasons Why You Don’t Poop Everyday
Some people simply can not poop easily. Sometimes they even stay for weeks without being able to evacuate.

The fact is that this habit is not good at all. You do not have to poop every day, but experts say the maximum time from one evacuation to another should be up to three days. A longer period of time can lead to health problems in the medium and long term.

It is true that some things impair the proper functioning of the intestine, but for this there is treatment and it is important to start as soon as possible. Some people may, from childhood, create trauma with evacuation, this type of reaction harms the body and also deserves attention.

When you can not poop with the necessary frequency your body may be wanting to tell you some things:

Lack of fibers
Fibers are key to fecal cake. They retain water and make stools soft. The lack of fibers causes the stools to become hard and consequently dry, which does not promote the proper functioning of the intestines, and this leads to constipation.

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Little water
Like fiber, water is also an important factor in faecal composition. Little liquid impairs evacuation. Taking at least two liters of fluid per day helps a lot at the correct evacuation frequency.

Long time sitting
If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle may be contributing to constipation then it is time to put movement into your day.

Wrong feed
Some foods, such as fast food, processed foods or refined flour, contribute to the malfunction of the intestine. If you are not evacuating as often as necessary, you need to rethink your food.

Time for you
You probably already felt like pooping, but you were in an unfavorable environment according to your judgment. This is very common. The will comes, but you end up letting it go and then forget it. When you see, you realize you have not been evacuating for days. You must respect the signs of your body and attend to your requests. When you feel like it, go.

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Other factors such as menstruation, pregnancy, and advancement of age help to change the frequency of evacuation. In these periods it is crucial to pay more attention to this by feeding properly, exercising and drinking more fluid.

If even with changes in habits you notice that you have difficulty evacuating, do not hesitate to seek medical help.

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