How Can I Fight the Habit of Masturbation. Three things you can do


How Can I Fight the Habit of Masturbation. Three things you can do

To fight successfully against the habit of masturbation, a person must know how properly to direct his efforts, or “blows.”

“Prepare Your Minds for Action”

The battle against masturbation is fought in our mind. For instance, we may happen to notice something that is s3xually stimulating. The mind is inclined to dwell on such thoughts and let passion develop. When that occurs, our bodies tend toward s3xual activity. The longer our minds dwell on the wrong thought, the more this physical process escalates to higher phases of excitement. Eventually, the level of arousal may lead to masturbation. But the mind must exert itself and reject the immoral thought. If it does so, then the arousal soon dies down and any discomfort because of body tension fades.

Rejecting bad thoughts, though, is difficult, especially when one is alone at night. A 17-year-old youth thus explains what steps he takes: “First of all, I try to ‘change the subject’ so as to get my mind off the thoughts that cause the stimulation. Also, realizing that the urge is going to go away eventually makes it easier.” “Changing the subject” may require more than just mental effort. One young woman adds: “The best thing to do is get right out of bed and get busy with some type of work, or maybe have a little snack, so that your mind turns to other things.”

Take Preventive Measures

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Therefore, if you find that certain activities, types of clothing, or foods have caused you to become s3xually stimulated, then by all means avoid such. Avoid like the plague any reading matter, TV programs, or movies with sensuous themes. Don’t keep looking at such things. Such sensuous sights will be stored in your mind and often resurface when you are alone.

Especially is it necessary to take steps to ‘conceal yourself’ from future problems at times when you may be emotionally hurt or down, perhaps depressed. Plan a full schedule of up building activities that will keep your mind involved in challenging undertakings, giving it less opportunity to gravitate to immoral thoughts. Then be especially careful about what you allow to fill your mind. A woman whose desires become more intense at certain times of the month should likewise use practical wisdom to cope with the added problems.

Help From Others

If your personal efforts are not successful and you really want to win, then speak to someone who can help, such as a parent or a person who is qualified. One young man who was losing his struggle with masturbation reached the point of total despair. “I talked privately with my father one evening about it,” he revealed. “It took everything I had to tell him. I cried as I told him, I was so ashamed. But I’ll never forget what he said. With a reassuring smile on his face, he said: ‘You make me so proud of you.’ He knew what I had to go through to get to that point. No words could have lifted my spirits and determination more.

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The Encyclopædia Britannica (1946), when discussing what can allay s3xual desire, mentions: “Avoidance of a diet rich in meats and spices, and especially of intoxicating beverages, is important.” Alcoholic drinks can lower one’s inhibitions and make self-control harder.

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