The Best Way To Enjoy A meal Each Day


The Best Way To Enjoy A meal Each Day
Increasingly we have less time to feed properly. Snacks, fast-foods, fast snacks are part of our daily routine. But does it influence our health, our well-being and, above all, our weight?

A study done by a university in the United Kingdom showed that the time that we take to the table chewing the food contributes a lot to make our body protect itself from illnesses and even overweight.

Studies also showed that when we feed our brains it takes on average about twenty minutes to identify what we are eating and for this reason a meal should never take less than this period of time.

Not to mention that if we eat very fast (before twenty minutes), it does not give the brain time to receive the information and we run the risk of exaggerating the portion, which in addition to fattening increases the risk of diseases such as diabetes.

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Ideally, then, take some preventive measures at your next meal:

Sit down to eat
It is vital to devote time to food. No eating on foot and anyway. Sit down at the table, eat slowly and taste each food.

Set the table
If your table is properly tidied up you are sure to have more desire to spend more time there, this will help in the goal of feeding at least twenty minutes.

Eat Salads first
The fibers will help the digestion process, so fill your salad plate and only then go to the main course.

People at table
If you need to spend at least twenty minutes feeding, in the right amount, it is best to chew each food well and have a space between the forks. With nice people at the table this goal becomes easier to achieve.

Using smaller cutlery helps increase the time it takes you to feed yourself. Another important tip is after each fork to rest the cutlery on the dishes, this will help a lot with your twenty minute goal.

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When planning your day, never forget to include your meal time, they are not unimportant tasks, on the contrary, they are one of the most important of your day. Without proper food you have no guaranteed health to continue working.

The timing of the meal should serve as a moment of pleasure for you, do not let anything interfere. Television, cellular, meetings can wait a bit while you allow yourself this enjoyment. This is expected to be one of the most memorable times of the day for you. Be companions with your food and cutleries.

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