9 ways to use coconut oil in your hair and enjoy its benefits


9 ways to use coconut oil in your hair and enjoy its benefits
It has been a while since coconut oil has turned into a “darling product” when it comes to health or beauty. Much research has been done to discover the real benefits of this oil for health, however, there are no longer any doubts about the advantages it offers to the skin and hair.

It has been explained that the hair, coconut oil helps restore the lipid layer of the hair. “That is to maintain the natural hydration of the threads, since it has lipids in its composition and creates a protective film.

It is no coincidence that coconut oil is increasingly present in shampoo and conditioner formulas and above all it has been used in many home recipes in order to make the yarn healthier and, of course, beautiful.

But, do you know exactly how to use coconut oil in your hair? Check out the tips below so you can use the product properly at home and thus actually enjoy the benefits it offers.

1. In a traditional humectant
One of the best known and best ways to use coconut oil in the hair is wetting . Marcela explains that the oil, in this case, helps to restore the lipid layer of the yarn – which is wet, nourished, soft and shiny. “It even helps to improve the texture, especially of curly and afros,” he says.

Step by step: Coconut oil should be used on dry hair. “Do not use heat source (no drier or apply hot oil). Apply in length. Take a break time, on average, of 4 hours, “Marcela advises.

“At the time of washing, use conditioner with low Ph, between 3.5 and 4.5, before the shampoo. This helps to loosen the oil from the wires. No shampoo in excess, which can give a rebound effect, “adds the hair stylist.

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2. In a night wetting
Because of its density, the absorption of coconut oil through the hair is slow. So in some cases, it can be used in a “night wetting”. That is, remaining more hours in the hair.

Step by step: the procedure is the same. You should apply the oil on the length of dry hair. “The difference is that it will let the product act overnight, sleeping with a plastic towel so it does not grease the bedding,” he says. The next day, the tip is to use conditioner with low Ph, between 3.5 and 4.5, before the shampoo.

“But it is worth remembering that some types of hair, especially blond ones, can have their color changed if you spend a lot of time with the product on the wires, after all, the oil oxidizes and therefore can make this color change”, guides A hair stylist.

3. Alone in a hydration
Coconut oil, because it is an oil, gives back some of the shine of dry and dry hair and still moisturizes. “When it is a natural opaque hair, it also has a lot of results.

Step by step: apply the coconut oil directly to the length of the hair, let it act for a few minutes and then wash normally.

4. With your mask of hydration or nutrition
Coconut oil can also be used with a mask of your choice.

Step-by-step: The hair stylist is intended to blend a mask amount equivalent to the size of a mask nut with 1 teaspoon of the oil. So just apply on the hair before washing and wait a few minutes. Then wash normally.

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5. To enhance your traditional hydration
In some cases, coconut oil can be used especially to potentiate the moisturizing mask and is applied after washing the hair.

In this case, it is important to use a small amount of the oil to prevent the wires from becoming oily.

Step by Step: Put a few drops of coconut oil directly into the amount of mask you will use. Apply the mixture on previously washed hair with shampoo (and still moist), let it act as a traditional moisturizer, and then rinse the hair.

6. In a blend of oils
According to Marcela, it is still possible to mix coconut oil with other oils, such as avocado oil or grape seed.

Step by step: the procedure is the same. Mix a sufficient amount (without exaggeration) of each oil to pass the length of the wires (always avoiding the root). Let it act for a few minutes and then wash your hair normally.

7. In homemade masks
Oil can be one of the ingredients of masks made with natural products.

Step by step: coconut oil can be mixed with avocado or slug pulp (which is also moisturizing) and apply to the yarns with a break time. Then wash normally.

But beware of the hype! “You should use little coconut oil. The excess is harmful because it creates a film around the yarn and does not let the hair be hydrated afterwards.

8. To control the volume
In some types of hair, coconut oil can, among other benefits, help control volume. “In humections for curly and afro hair, it helps to form the hair well and, therefore, minimizes volume.

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Step-by-step: the procedure is the same as a traditional or nocturnal humidification. Simply apply the oil on the entire length of dry hair, leave it to act for a few hours, and then wash.

9. To treat the ends of the hair
Coconut oil can also be used as a special care for hair tips, which are already normally drier.

Step by step: the procedure is basically a “minicutting”. Apply about ½ tablespoon of the oil only at the tips of the bends. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes before showering. Then just wash normally.

Now you already know that coconut oil is indeed a great ally when it comes to the beauty of hair! But, its use also requires care because, if used improperly or exaggerated, it can change the color of the hair (especially the blond ones), leave the hair excessively oily or even create a film around the threads and not let them be Subsequently hydrated.

For all of this, to get the most out of the benefits that coconut oil can offer to your hair, consult a professional you trust before you start using it.

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