9 natural tips to relieve the pains of menstrual cramps


9 natural tips to relieve the pains of menstrual cramps
You start to feel a headache and a slight indisposition, then you look at the calendar and you know: that time of the month has come again and you are about to menstruate.

The menstruation is a natural cycle of the female body and is now much more free of the last taboos, like those old beliefs that menstruating women could not wash your hair, or hit a cake.

But there is one thing we have not gotten rid of yet: menstrual cramps. These pains are the result of contractions of the uterus to expel the preparation for a pregnancy that did not happen, so that your body can eliminate this layer of blood.

When the uterus contracts with great force, it ends up pressing the blood vessels around it, interrupting the flow of oxygen to the uterine muscles and, consequently, giving rise to colic.

Now that you know where the nuisance that usually comes a day or two before menstruation comes, how about discovering some natural tips to alleviate these symptoms? Check it:

1. Your diet influences
Inflammatory substances and nutritional deficiencies can aggravate the pains of menstrual cramps, either by triggering a reaction from the body or by affecting blood flow.

Thus, more than at any other time of the month, the premenstrual period needs a special diet. Invest in foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as tomato, olive oil, nuts, oily fish, red fruits and citrus fruits.

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Unfortunately, sugar provides the inflammations, so attacking a candy bar will not be a good idea. But at the same time, chocolate is rich in magnesium, so you can use one or two squares of bitter chocolate to ease the discomfort of that period.

Also avoid foods that are processed and rich in preservatives and other additives, as they often make colic pain worse.

2. Take your multivitamin
It is sometimes a bit difficult to remember to take the multivitamin every day, but in the pre-menstrual period it is best to be disciplined.

In addition, some experts recommend consuming a B-complex vitamin supplement, which helps prevent bloating. Vitamin B6 helps prevent bloating and is present in brown rice, which still contains calcium and zinc.

3. Do light exercise
The discomfort caused by cramps and bloating is one more obstacle to facing the academy in the pre-menstrual period, but keep in mind that aerobic exercise works as natural painkillers.

This is due to increased blood flow and the release of endorphins, which fight prostaglandins (substances that cause pain) and reduce contractions of the uterus. Of course, heavy training is not the best option these days, so it’s best to take a walk or practice yoga.

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4. Make hot compress
Heat is an excellent ally to combat menstrual cramps. The hot water bottle applied in the sore spots will be your best friend these days.

The explanation for this is that heat stimulates vasodilation, increasing blood flow and decreasing pain.

5. Grandmother’s medicine works
Grandma’s tips are still valid when it comes to relieving colic. Try massaging the region with sage oil, which works as an antispasmodic.

Also, invest in ginger tea, which is anti-inflammatory, and in aromatherapy with fennel, chamomile and marjoram.

6. Stay hydrated
It may seem contradictory, but water helps the body not to retain liquids, so keep hydrated to prevent swelling. Teas also help, especially hot ones: they increase blood flow and relax muscles.

It is also worth increasing the consumption of foods with high percentage of water, such as cucumber and watermelon.

7. Turn to Oriental medicine
According to Eastern medicine, the experience of pain is never just physical, also involving a psychological aspect. In cases of colic, they would be caused by a “stagnation” of the uterus.

Therefore, the recommendation is to use the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT. This technique helps balance the body’s natural rhythms and energy flow, releasing blocked energy.

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8. Try chiropractic
Although chiropractic is not a specific technique to relieve the symptoms of premenstrual tension, some women report feeling an improvement in the health of the reproductive system after adopting this practice.

The explanation for this effect would be the realignment of the spine, especially in the lumbar region, improving the functioning of the nerves of this place.

9. Sleep well.
Deregulated sleep is damaging to health as a whole, interfering with the menstrual cycle and resulting in irritability and fatigue.

You are pained and sensitized, so sleep and rest are fundamental so that your body is not even more demanding during this period.

These tips can help many women alleviate the discomfort that precedes menstruation. However, if your symptoms are strong enough to disrupt your routine, hampering your productivity, be sure to seek out a medical specialist.

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