8 touches your wife needs


8 touches your wife needs
Those who know women know that most of them are “multi-tasking,” intelligent and also much more resistant to certain challenges than men, such as medical treatments and other things that are very scary for men.

Men do not say that “women are all the same,” as women do to men, but there are various attitudes and behaviors of women, which are found in the vast majority of them, which can hurt the relationship and ruin everything. The men then, with a little way, can suggest some things for their loved ones, so that things walk better between the two.

In the Feminine Authority blog you have many ideas of what can ruin a relationship. It is “details” that women need to take care of, so that instead of bringing the man they love closer to them, do not throw it even faster into the arms of another woman.

1. Do not “stick” too much
By the way (otherwise you know what might happen!), The husband must show his wife that he needs to have his space, just as the wife also needs to have her space. Men like to play football, talk to friends, go fishing, etc., and that’s not why they stop liking their wife less.

If the wife gets stuck together and gets her husband patrolling for 24 hours, it becomes suffocating for him and very bad for the relationship, no matter how much love there is between them.

2. Do not complain too much
As a matter of fact, try to explain to your wife that neither of you are perfect, so the two should have infinite patience with each other, so that the relationship works. The woman who wants to have peace of mind needs to know that the man is different from the woman (still good, because they complement each other).

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And most men do not have a lot of sensitivity, they take a long time to like (if they can ever …) “Discuss Relationship”, and other things women would like the man to do. If the woman complains about everything, the man gets more and more upset. No one likes women or men who are very “grumpy.”

3. Do not change moods unexpectedly and for no apparent reason
Blowing up for anything, saying things you should never say, Abusing psychologically and emotionally and bringing an unbearable climate in the coexistence with the other will not help the relationship in anything, nor solve the problem itself.Look for self-control.If you can not, seek expert help.

4. Do not spend too much on unnecessary things
One of the biggest complaints of men (often unfounded) is that their wives spend a lot of money on superfluous things. They say, exaggeratedly, that “they win with a spoon, the woman throws out the window with a shovel”. Exaggeration aside, the woman (who is the thinking part in the home, usually), must think much more about the most important things, before spending the money of either or just the husband.

In any case, money must always be of both – whether the husband who works, or the wife, or both, even if one of the two does not work outside. When possible, a savings should be considered, for the hard days, which always come.

5. Do not listen carefully
One of the biggest problems in relationships is the lack of communication or truncated communication. If there is no dialogue in a relationship, it will hardly be pleasant for both. The two of you have to learn to listen to your spouse, but actually listen , not just pretend to hear.

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Sometimes men talk little, less than necessary, because their wives do not listen to what they say, so they give up. Listening with the heart, then, is crucial! Another thing that is linked to this same problem is the wife’s belief that she is a seer , and she talks and does things for what she thinks her husband is thinking, not talking to him. The result of this “achometer”, from woman to man to man to woman, can be very exhausting for marriage. Speak,

6. Be grumpy all the time
Men in general are more “brats” and childish than women, and have a somewhat aggressive sense of humor at times. The woman, who is usually more mature than the man, often does not respond well to her partner’s mood, generating unnecessary fights.

The woman needs to be more patient with the man, to enter into his play, although she finds it childish, always having in mind the greater good, which is peace in the family and a strong relationship between the two.

7. Dislike the way a husband acts with his children
Again, it is important to note that men think and act differently from women – in almost everything. When a man goes to play with his son, for example, he will play in a sometimes frightening way for his wife, who is too careful with everything (sometimes exaggeratedly).

The father wants to prepare the child to be virile and strong, so try to do activities and play with the child for that purpose, which can frighten or worry the wife. If it is not a case of a clear danger of life, the wife must be less terrified of her husband’s play with her children.

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8. Getting “headache” too many times
Men need sex, usually, much more than women, to feel good and “masculine.” If the woman, because she is too tired from the day she is pulled, or because she is upset with her husband, always running away from him, or even “fasting” to “punish” her (consciously or unconsciously), such behavior may not Be good to the relationship: the man will be frustrated many times, he will lose his self-confidence because he will think that the wife does not love him anymore, he may even get less at work because he will be stressed, etc.

I do not advocate here that the woman is always “at the disposal” of her husband, but rather that she has common sense and remembers that sex, for the man, is something that moves too much with his head, for good or for evil. A very frustrated man, sexually,

Therefore, here are some suggestions for women, which can also serve for men (in some cases), so that the relationship is more satisfactory.

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