8 Cool Ideas to Enjoy Mother’s Day with Your Mother


8 Cool Ideas to Enjoy Mother’s Day with Your Mother
The Mother’s Day is approaching and with it comes that same drama ever: I will give this? You have probably spent all your choices on clothes, shoes, accessories, and cosmetics, and it’s harder to find a creative keepsake every year.

Besides, it’s quite possible that your mother already has all the cabinets cluttered with objects – and the joy of receiving a new cup of hand-painted china will disappear once she realizes she has no room to store anything else.

Nevertheless, of course, you will not want Mother’s Day to go blank, will you? After all, you know that you owe everything you are and have it to her, to the time she dedicated to you and to your creation.

So, how about innovating in this year’s present and, instead of giving something material, propose an activity that will generate a beautiful memory among you? See 8 ideas:

1. Take a cooking class
If you have inherited from your mother a passion for cooking, or if both of you are very fond of a type of dish, how about doing a cooking class together?

You can learn how to decorate cupcakes, prepare a typical dish from another country or even make a full dinner for several guests.

If your city does not offer any cooking school, check with your favorite restaurants if you could not tour the kitchen with the right to demonstrate some dishes from the menu.

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2. Enjoy a day spa together
It may be many years since her mother stopped changing her diapers, but we bet she has not fully recovered from the weariness of the day. So, how about giving it to a day spa? And the best: you go with her, so you can enjoy the day together!

You can choose a package with manicure, pedicure, reflexology, exfoliation, massage, bath of immersion … Everything that your mother (and you) is entitled to!

3. Learn something new together
Have you always wanted to learn the language of signs? Does your mother want to learn how to grow orchids? Or maybe you both love wine and would love to learn more about it?

So take advantage of Mother’s Day to engage in a new interest in common! You can do a workshop or, then, enroll in a longer course, increasing the coexistence between the two of you.

4. Do a task your mother is avoiding
Do you know those tasks that we avoid doing at all costs, but that need to be done? Take the car in the review, organize the photos from decades ago, leave the clothes that need reform in the dressmaker … So this can turn out to be a gift to your mother.

Find something she needs to do, but it’s not too much in the way, and solve it for her. Your gift will be your most precious asset: your time.

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5. Hire a professional photo essay
It is quite possible that at this point your mother is on Facebook and spend hours and hours enjoying all the flower posts, good morning wishes and professional photos of new born and wedding rehearsals.

In those hours, it hits that sadness when he looks at the blurred selfies he took with the front camera of the cell phone

How about helping your mother succeed on social networks? Hire a photographer to do a family rehearsal and set aside time for him to make a book especially from hers alone! Your mom will love the likes rain.

6. Participate in an activity she adores
Is your mother much more fitness than you and jog or do yoga classes? Or maybe she has an artistic talent and joins the painting club?

Whatever your mother’s hobby, a good gift idea for this day is to join her in this activity. Ask her to slow down if you can not keep up and work hard to get to know her world more deeply.

7. Do volunteer work together
One way to connect, show your gratitude, and create a special keepsake is to choose a cause to contribute. It could be to organize animal adoption fairs, visit cancer patients or organize a bazaar for an institution for the elderly.

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Doing volunteer work together will leave you and your mother closer, and help you realize how lucky you are to have each other. Maybe you do not take the cause and become regular contributors, right?

8. Only you two travel
You may not be able to book an international trip with your mother, but spending a weekend at the beach or the neighboring country town will be an excellent opportunity to bond, see different things and relax.

If a weekend is too long, you can still make a reservation at the best hotel in town for the two of you to be pampered for one night, without interruptions of any kind.

More than a sweater, a shoe or a soap and moisturizing kit, you know what your mother expects most from you: your presence. A tight hug, a cracked kiss and a few hours in her company will make her happier than any material present.

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