7 Ways to Increase Your Sexual Desire


7 Ways to Increase Your Sexual Desire
It very important to investigate if there is any blockage regarding sex: “because if there is any emotional issue blocking sex, an investigation should be made with the therapist or psychologist and the patient’s willingness to change” . If the problem is not caused by psychological blockages, a few simple tips can help:

1. Provide relaxing environments: “Stressed people have no sexual desire, that’s a fact! So you have to leave the problems outside the room, relax and provide an environment free of worries and charges,

2. Feeling is an aphrodisiac: if you do not feel secure in your partner’s love, it is likely that the desire will fall. Women who feel loved have the highest libido since sex has to do with the emotional feminine. And this security must be genuine and true, for it is not enough for the partner to show love and not to feel the woman. You need to feel safe.

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3. Know yourself and love yourself: self-knowledge of your body and its cycles is key to understanding how your libido works. The more you know yourself, the more you tend to love yourself, and thus enjoying yourself, it will be easier to feel pleasure.

4. Leaving aside great rituals: the psychologist Lizandra Arita suggests that there are some external factors such as a special dinner, a romantic evening, a good wine, that can spark the desire to create a climate conducive to sex. “But removing the demands for sex can also make everything more fluid. Coincidentally, looking at the partner, giving a hug, a kiss and letting go for sex at any time, without so many demands, can work. ”

5. The more sex, the more desire: having sex increases sexual desire. The more you do, the more desire you have. According to Lizandra Arita “this is the rule of body and mind. It all starts in the mind. Exactly everything, including physical issues. So thinking about sex is something that works great for activating the libido in the body. Prepare an inner scene, if take care, pass a moisturizer, choose a lingerie. These are the woman’s particular little rituals, which prepare her mind to activate sexual desire. ”

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6. “Female Viagra”: There are already on the market drugs that promise to increase female libido. They are indicated primarily for menopausal women or with severe loss of sexual interest. Such medications act on the nervous system and tests have shown good results. But to begin this type of treatment, a medical prescription will be required.

7. Body are, sane mind: one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your sexual appetite is by exercising regularly. The reasons for working so well are simple: physical activity increases self-esteem, moves testosterone levels (one of the main hormones linked to sex and sense of well-being) and keeps your body functioning smoothly, avoiding mental fatigue and stress.

A healthy sex life is one of the key points for personal fulfillment. Therefore, perhaps the most important tip in cases of lack of sexual desire is: it is possible to solve, so do not settle. Especially if this situation brings personal or conjugal discomfort. Accepting the natural cycles of your body is critical as well as investigating the possible reasons for this change. So, use and abuse our tips to leave your sex life in the tricks!

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