7 Tips for getting married


7 Tips for getting married
When we decide to marry, we have to keep in mind some factors so that we do not get frustrated when reality knocks on the door, that is when we find out who the person we really are.

When we date, we do not share the routine, let alone the accounts, so living together is much easier and the fairy tale lasts longer.

When we realize that the person we idealized during dating is not the same one we marry, the risk of fights and subsequent separation is very great.

Many couples do not resist the first six months of marriage because they have not been able to overcome differences and learn together.

So it is necessary to keep in mind that what we idealize is not always reality, what changes will occur, what problems and crises will have to be overcome together and that without understanding and complicity there is no happy and healthy marriage.

Thinking about helping those who are going through the adjustment phase, which is actually a watershed in marriage, we separate the best living arrangements for newlyweds so that their marriage is happy from the beginning, without going through the so-called early crisis.

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1. Learn to listen
Every relationship should be based on dialogue. Talking is always the best way to solve problems so listen to what your partner or partner has to say before arguing. Many newlyweds want to be heard on the wrong way, screaming, with endless fights, which only lead to wear relationship. Listen more!

2. Take a deep breath before complaining
When you notice something that makes you angry, take a deep breath. Count to 10 and wait until you can judge if that claim really is needed.

If he left the lid of the pot up, would you complain to him? Think of your marriage as something you should preserve just as you preserve your job. Constant complaints are tiring beyond repetitive!

3. Remember that you have defects
We all have defects whether small or large. Before you become intolerant of the other’s faults, try to remember that he is tolerant of yours.

4. Celebrate small moments
Just married, celebrate small moments and make it a habit that keeps happening. What makes a marriage good is how much the two of them strive for it to be good so strive and emphasize the little good times. Sometimes the best times are those that we consider to be little ones that are actually the best and never left the memory.

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5. Respect the space of others
When you were just dating, you went out with your friends individually, did you not? Why change it so now that they are newlyweds? Both the man and the woman need space away from each other.

To respect the space is to show to the other that what matters is to see him happy. Many find that marriage is a prison, and it is not, each one needs to take their space and respect each other’s space.

6. Be first of all, my friend.
Keeping the friendship is a very important point to start a marriage. To be a friend is to listen, to be honest, and to offer fellowship. It is to understand the defects and to emphasize the qualities. It is to make a point of being with the other, but knowing how to respect when loneliness is necessary.

The friendship between a couple is very important, after all, when the age arrives and the sex ends, what is left is love and friendship. So start practicing now that you are newlyweds.

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7. Smile whenever possible
Try to have a lighter view on life when you get married. Problems exist and will not cease to exist if you look at them more seriously, so always smile.

If any of these situations are peculiar to their marriage, rethink their attitudes and follow our tips, you will find that your relationship will be lighter and more tasty for the lovebirds newlyweds.

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