7 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping


7 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping
We live in a fast-paced world and we are always running because of work, studies, children and the bills we need to pay.

In the midst of it all, sometimes we end up leaving our relationship behind – after all, we are only human!

But over time, a relationship that is not properly nurtured may end up becoming a source of frustration for both.

If you do not have much time available during the day, how about taking advantage of the few minutes before bed to put into practice some habits that happy couples often adopt?

Of course, these habits are not rules and do not apply to all couples, as each relationship works differently, but adopting some of them can help reinforce the feelings that exist between you.

1. They remember how much they love each other
Even if the day has been stressful and stressful and you know that the next day will not be less tiring, it is important to remind the partner that you love him and vice versa.

You do not have to make grand declarations of love: a classic, but full of feeling, “I love you” is already going to provide a better night for you both.

2. Whenever possible, they go to bed together
In that case, when we talk about “going to bed together,” we’re really talking about bedtime. Unfortunately, due to the troubled routine, many couples lie down at different times, missing important moments of connection with each other.

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Happy couples, on the other hand, whenever possible, seek to share the time of retiring, taking advantage of getting more intimate by brushing their teeth and getting under the covers at the same time.

3. They are able to leave the cell phone aside
We know that many people rely on the cell phone to work or even to communicate with their partners during the day. But when they get home, unfortunately, many couples end up paying more attention to apps and social networks than to each other.

If you feel like technology is pushing you away, try establishing a couple rule like “we’re not going to use the cell phone after 11pm” or “we’re not taking the phone to bed.”

4. They reserve a few moments to show gratitude
Just as saying “I love you” does a damn good for the couple’s happiness, separating a few minutes before bed to show gratitude also helps you feel closer and stronger to face day to day.

In that case, the tip is, every night, find something specific that you have to thank your partner for, and he should do the same for you. You can also vary by talking about something good that happened during the day, for which you felt equally grateful.

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5. They do not initiate arguments that are difficult to solve at bedtime
You know that story of not going to sleep without solving all the problems? So it is not totally true. If one of you has a subject to solve and you already know that the conversation can be a bit tense and it will take long hours, it’s best to leave the discussion for the other day.

The reason for this is that you two will be tired and not very keen, so the conversation could end in an ugly fight that did not have to happen this way. It is not about sweeping the problems down the carpet, but wait until the appropriate time to talk about them.

6. They talk about their routines and their feelings
People who are in a happy relationship often say that they can count on their partner for everything, including seeing in it a great source of friendship and support. Therefore, happy couples usually talk about how the day was, problems at work, difficulties with children, etc.

It’s not about unloading all your frustration on the partner, but rather feeling that he represents a safe haven, a person with whom you can share your doubts and insecurities. At the same time, the partner is receptive to hearing what you have to say, without feeling pressured to give a solution to the problem.

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7. They keep children out of the room
Calm down, we’re not saying you can not make a shared bed or that you should leave your two-day-old baby alone in the next room. What we want to say is that happy couples in general usually see the room as a sort of sanctuary for the two, a place where they can connect and nurture intimacy.

Of course, children will be welcome if they are a little sick or have a nightmare. What is important is that the couple seeks to separate a space for only the two, even if this space is more emotional than physical.

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