7 myths and truths about anal sex


7 myths and truths about anal sex
Something important to you that wants to venture is to know what is in fact true and what is false when it comes to anal sex, after all, many things that are not true may be preventing you from surrendering to that will. Know some myths and truths of this practice clarified by experts in the field.

1. Will anal sex always hurt?
MYTH: In the case of women, the anal intercourse tends to be more painful because the region does not have the same elasticity of the vagina, “says urologist Moacyr Simas. But he also explains that it is not normal to feel pain constantly. “If pain occurs in all relationships, it is a sign that something is wrong.

Taking care of yourself will avoid pain, such as the use of lubricants and a relaxed, tension-free body. The couple should be in tune and comfortable with the situation, ensuring the pleasure of the act for both parties, “he says.

2. Is it easier to get STDs in anal sex?
TRUTH: “Anal sex is considered one of the most frequent ways of contracting STDs. In the case of HIV, seminal fluid from a seropositive person carries a large amount of viral load, and during the act, microcracks can occur in the region of the anus and rectum, facilitating contamination. ” And the concern is not just about HIV. “In addition, in the anal intercourse it is possible to contract any type of STD, such as HPV, gonorrhea, herpes and hepatitis C. Therefore, even in the anal relationship, it is very important to use a condom.”

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3. Does the anal region not return to normal elasticity after the act?

MYTH: The urologist explains that when done properly, this is a myth. “If anal penetration is done in a state of relaxation and pleasure, no harm will be done to the region.”

4. Does anal sex cause hemorrhoids?
MYTH: Moacyr explains that hemorrhoids are a result of increased pressure in the veins of the anus. “The pressure causes these veins to swell, making them sore, especially when the person is sitting.

Among the main causes of hemorrhoids are excessive exertion during evacuation, constipation, remaining seated for long periods and anal infections. “, He says. However, for those who already have hemorrhoids, the practice can help make the picture worse.

As for anal sex, the urologist clarifies that “anal intercourse more violent or without proper lubrication can cause lesions in the anorectal region, but do not cause hemorrhoids.”

5. Can toys and accessories hurt the anal canal?
DEPENDS: When toys are for this purpose, they tend not to cause problems, according to Moacyr. “Sex vibrators and accessories are welcome from the pleasure point of view, but care must be taken when acquiring these types of products to maintain good intimate health.

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It is necessary to be aware of possible traumas and injuries. There are cases, for example, that the introduction of sharp objects in the anal region may lead to fecal incontinence (involuntary loss of feces or intestinal gas) due to trauma to the anal sphincters, “the doctor says.

6. Can penis size affect anal sex?
MYTH : The most relevant, according to Moacyr, is the woman being relaxed for the region’s dilatamento to occur.

But he cautions about caring for the size of the canal: “In terms of length, it is recommended to maintain a slower and more careful activity with a penis longer than 18 cm, since the rectal canal has an average depth of 17 cm.”

7. Is it possible to have orgasm with anal sex?
TRUTH : The most quoted doubt about anal sex is true yes! But it depends on a number of factors, as the urologist Moacyr Simas points out: “In general, the person who is performing the penetration will feel more pleasure because the anal canal is narrower.

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But everything will depend on the lubrication of the anal region, the foreplay, the degree of arousal of the person being penetrated and the couple’s attunement to improve sexual practice.”

Personal Sex Lu Port-aux points out another essential item for pleasure at that moment: “The safer you feel at the time of the anal and get excited, the more you will get rid of fears, anxiety and enjoyment, Which can be very enjoyable for the moment.”

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