6 tips to organize your day and be more productive


6 tips to organize your day and be more productive
Do you remember when we thought technology would save us a lot of time? Two decades ago, we thought, for example, sending an email would take a lot less time than taking a letter.

Of course sending e-mail is actually faster than the letter, but we could not predict everything back then. What we did not know is that, while allowing us to save time, on the one hand, we would spend even more hours and hours on other technology-related activities.

Every day, we get an avalanche of spam, Facebook notifications, WhatsApp messages and endless stories to watch in half a dozen different apps. That is, we are interrupted all the time and it is very difficult to keep our concentration.

With so many features at hand, it can be tricky to organize to maintain productivity, which will make us miss precious hours every day with the mess that builds up. If you are suffering from this problem, take a look at the tips that we separate:

1. Check your emails, but just read what matters
According to some authors, the e-mails activate a boost in our brain, causing it to seek rewards. We’ve been waiting for some wonderful news to come through this tool, so we check the inbox without stopping – something that does nothing for productivity.

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The tip to solve this problem is to separate two or three 30-minute intervals per day to check your emails and be selective with what you will read. Advertising emails and offers, for example, should not take up much of your day.

2. Do not trust memory: write it down!
Just as you remembered more about school materials when you jotted down notes in your notebook, it’s easier to remember the daily chores if you jot them down.

It is worth noting on the cell phone or the traditional paper notepad. You may even think that you are going to waste a few seconds digesting your chores, but you will thank yourself at the end of the day.

3. Have a right place for everything
Life becomes a mess when we do not know where to find what we need when we need it. And that holds true for objects such as the mobile phone charger and its title of choice, and for digital documents, which get lost amidst so many cloud storage devices and services.

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While objects need to have a right place (and you should always return them to this place after use), you can organize your digital documents into groups according to frequency of use. Do not forget to keep a file describing how your system works.

4. Make task lists and scratch them as soon as you complete them.
Traditional task lists are an excellent tool for planning your day – and you can do them on paper even if it does not suit digital lists very well. Divide longer tasks into smaller steps and trace them as soon as they are finalized.

Also, jotting down a timetable in which you will perform each task is also a good trick to better organize your time.

5. Find time to get organized
At the end of each day, try to book about 15 minutes to put your things in place – be they files on your work computer or clothes scattered around your room. The important thing is not to let the mess pile up for the next day.

At first it may seem like you are spending more time, but this habit will save many hours of the days ahead.

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6. Do not be multitasking all the time
Carrying out multiple activities at one time may seem like a good way to save time, but that is not a good idea when you are doing something important and demanding your concentration.

Stopping a task to check a notification on your mobile phone, for example, consumes a lot more time than it takes, as it takes more than 20 minutes to recover our previous level of concentration. That is, if you need full attention to perform a task, it is best to turn off any type of alert that may be distracting.

At first it may seem a little difficult to put into practice the tips we suggest, but all are habits that can be acquired with persistence in everyday life.

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