5 Things You Need To Know To Organize A Wedding At The Beach

5 Things You Need To Know To Organize A Wedding At The Beach

5 Things You Need To Know To Organize A Wedding At The Beach
Marriage is a time most expected by many women throughout their lives. Each one idealizes a type of ceremony: in the church, on the beach, in castles and even at home, many are the options for those who want to marry in a traditional or innovative way.

Weddings on the beach are being increasingly seen and sought after by those who want to get married in a way that escapes common standards and still brings a super natural and relaxed atmosphere.

Several beaches of the Brazilian coast already have a structure created for weddings in the sand that please the bride and groom.

These structures are provided by companies that do the entire service, which frees you from worrying about freight and high values.

Getting married at a sunset facing the sea and with the feet in the sand pleases many couples who are looking for something memorable, but deceive those who think that the values ??are smaller than traditional parties.

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Getting married in such a natural landscape can cost the equivalent of a buffet party or even more.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the costs and study what you want up to twelve months before the event.

In this article you will check out some tips you need to know to organize a perfect beach wedding by following some essential steps for that great day.

1. Guests
Getting married on the beach requires a probable relocation of the city where you are and also of all those who will attend the event.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that invitations be sent at least six months before the ceremony, with tips on places to stay and transportation.

2. Organization
As we have already said, many companies on the coast specialize in this type of party and are able to organize it perfectly.

Hire local services that you will surely find the solution for everything and you may still get lower prices than in big cities.

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3. Decoration
One of the strengths of getting married on the beach is that the landscape is already the main decoration of the ceremony.

You can play with all this climate and opt for a decoration with maritime touches like shells and aquariums.

The flowers should be well chosen, as they need to be resistant and to withstand great periods in the sun.

Another important point is to provide shade for the guests and a lighting according to the environment.

4. Food and drink
In this item is also worth going into the beach climate and serve things that combine with tropicalism.

Salads, seafood, fruit and cold meats are great choices.

For drinks bet on fruit juices, beers, caipirinhas and waters with aromas.

5. Bride and Groom Costume
For the groom is indicated a light and elegant suit, such as white shirts and trousers with pastels.

For the bride, a lightweight and charming dress with minimalist details can be perfect for occasion and easy to find.

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The make – up should be done very carefully and heat-resistant products.

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