5 Natural Tips to Improve Your Sex Life


5 Natural Tips to Improve Your Sex Life
With the passage of time, especially in longer relationships, it is common for the couple’s sex life to lose some of the breath they had at first, and although this is normal and even expected, the good news is that it is possible to improve the situation in a more natural way.

With some simple changes in your eating habits, as well as with physical activity and monitoring of some of your health items, you can greatly improve this issue before resorting to medications and other more serious treatments.

It is important to think about our sex life with due attention to ensure a fuller and more fulfilling relationship, just as it is fundamental not to believe that lack of sexual appetite is something that is expected over time – in fact, people can have sex normally throughout adult life, and this includes the elderly.

The methods you will learn next are part of a special report from Harvard University devoted solely to sexual problems, especially those related to erectile dysfunction. They are simple tips that, in addition to improving the sexual life of the couple, will do well to your health as a whole, meaning you have no reason not to try! Check it:

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1. What about taking daily walks?
Just to give you an idea, a routine of only 30 minutes of walking per day is able to reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction by up to 41%. Another study conducted by the same institution showed us that moderate exercise helps improve sexual performance especially for middle-aged men who are obese.

2. Eating right is key.
There’s no denying that healthy and balanced eating is the key to a better life in many ways. When we think about sexual health, the ideal is to invest in a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains and fish. Consuming these items and reducing red meat, processed products, and refined grains is a great way to help your body get well between four walls.

Eating right

In terms of diet, we also know that vitamin B12 deficiency is something that hinders erection, so it’s always good to keep your eyes open and invest in foods like almonds, salmon, trout, beef, cereals and yogurt. To find out how your body has absorbed this vitamin, you can seek medical help and ask for tests.

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Another key vitamin is D, found in milk, yogurt, cheese and canned tuna. It has been proven that men with vitamin D deficiency have a 30% higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. It is worth remembering that sunbathing every day for a few minutes is something that helps your body absorb this vitamin.

3. Track and care for your health

Track Your Health

Unfortunately, obesity is related to increased heart disease and with diabetes, being able to cause low libido and erectile dysfunction. For example, a man with a 107 cm waist is 50 percent more likely to have erectile dysfunction when compared to a man who has a waistline of 81 cm. So it is important to maintain a healthy diet and to make periodic medical follow-ups to assess your health.

4. Pay attention to your vascular health
If your blood count shows high blood sugar, bad cholesterol (LDL), and triglyceride levels, it’s time to take better care of you! The same goes for those who are hypertensive.5-natural-tips-improve-sex-life-toralife

Adjusting these indexes is something that improves the health of the heart, the brain and, in the case of men, the penis. In some cases, when only food changes and exercise do not solve, it is necessary to perform medical treatment. Regardless of your situation, you must follow the medical advice with caution.

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5. Go to the dentist
Look how unexpected: Did you know there is a link between the appearance of gingivitis and erectile dysfunction? Yeah. This was discovered in a 2013 study, published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The relationship between one thing and another lies in the fact that gingivitis causes chronic inflammation, and this damages the cells that round the blood vessels, including those in the pelvic region.

After following the above tips, it is difficult not to feel a big improvement in your overall health and even in your sex life. It does not hurt to try, does it?

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