5 High-Sugar Foods You’re Eating Every Day


5 High-Sugar Foods You’re Eating Every Day

Everyday unconsciously, you take foods with a lot of high sugar. This can have an adverse effect for ladies especially when they have their menstrual cycle, and for men, it can a painful back pain and low sperm count. Well, you may not know that the following Five foods have a lot of sugar intake.

Yogurt With Fruit
Well, Yogurt are so nice, and they have healthy benefits, but this one is a no go area for you. Well, the varieties with added fruit on the bottom usually contain a high amount of sugar — up to a whopping 19 grams per cup. A much better choice: Opt for plain yogurt and add your own sliced fruit, plus a drop of honey for an all-natural sweetener. Or more preferable, have your yogurt taken plainly.

Salad Dressing or cream
This is one type of cream that has a lot of effect on the body. Dressing is one of the biggest ways a seemingly-healthy salad can go from health food to diet buster in seconds, with some dressings containing up to 4 grams per tablespoon of dressing. Pay particular attention to light or fat-free varieties, which use sugar to make up for the flavor lost by cutting out fat. Prevention.com says this- your best bet? Eat your salad with a light and easy dressing made from a dash of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice instead

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This has become a constant meal for some. Try as much as possible get breads with low sugar content.
But you don’t have to give up having sandwiches; just look for breads with Look at the ingredient and the level of sugar content each bread has.Also try and find a whole wheat flour listed in the ingredients.

Dried Fruit
Dried fruit tends to sound a lot healthier than it is. Just a handful of dried cranberries, for instance, can contain up to 29 grams of sugar. Play it safe: Look for all-natural options that list only the fruit as the ingredient and no added sugars. Since those can be difficult to find, make it your general rule of thumb to opt for the whole fruit whenever you can. You can only have this when you feel there is is no alternative to the fresh fruit.

There are several unnatural juice that can affect your health. Sugar is a major ingredient in which they are made. Try as much as possible to make your own juice at home, and then do not add some sweeteners or preservatives in it. The more natural it is, the healthier you will be.

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