5 Best Android Music Apps

5 Best Android Music Apps

Have you ever wondered what type of applications will be good to listen to music with your device? Well, for Android users, lets consider some of this apps.

1. The BlackPlayer Music Player
On Play Store it is observed to be free, as it has a very good and elegant look. It has a structure that can make you navigate between your equalizer, widgets, scribbling and other music files. It is quite simple, but you may need to pay some $2.00 for the complete version of the application.

2. Google Play Music app
Google also has a play Music app that a unique way of playing or streaming music on the internet. Also, it has the capacity to upload over 50,000 songs on your Google Play Music. If you have subscribed for the $9.99 per month, then you will be able to access all the music that Google has.

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3. jetAudio Music
The jetAudio application for Android users have a lot that is good for this application. This application has an enhancement that can make it boost your bass, or tag an editor with some lovely widgets. It also has an equalizer that makes it add some themes and then remove unwanted adverts.

4. MediaMonkey App
This application can be downloaded free online (Google Play Store), but it has a structure whereby you can up features like some podcasts, audio books and sort songs by its artists and the likes. You can synchronize your device with your system and also backup your songs via the internet WiFi so that you don’t loose anything you have. The interface is quite simple, but you will really need #3.99 that can make you get some other beautiful features.

5. n7 Music Player
It is not really common like the Google Music app, nut it does a lot of things that other apps may not be able to do. It has a 10-band equalizer that makes you get to navigate and tag and editor. Also, it paints a giant collage style for your music list. Well,if you want something different, ten this is the next big thing for you.

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