4 Ways To Manage Stress


4 Ways To Manage Stress

So no one can escape stress. What will you do, then? Learn to handle it. You need to do that because excessive stress can make you physically ill and emotionally depressed. It can create mental confusion and spur you to say and do things that you will regret. It can cause wear and tear on your mind and body. Here, then, are some ways to handle stress:

  1. Reduce irritants. A dripping tap, a creaking door, a wobbling table can cause irritation. Small irritants add to your total load of stress. Do something about them. Get things tightened, oiled, and repaired. Have within reach things that are often needed. Organize. Experts say we spend 20 to 30 percent of our time just looking for things. Rearrange, tidy up, and decorate. Make it comfortable. Do not become a perfectionist, though. Perfectionism is a stressful burden for anyone to bear.
  2. Organize and limit your activities. There’s a saying that if you try to catch two hares at the same time, you will miss both of them. List what you have to do each day, and do one thing at a time. Work out a schedule with your parents about when and how to care for duties at home. Then do these willingly and cheerfully. Do not join in reckless, stressful activities that bring you into situations that cause you anguish and fright. It might be exciting for the moment but destructive in the end.
  3. Lessen fear of failure. School tests and work can really put stress on anybody. You can lessen fear of failure, though, if you prepare well, get everything in order the day before, go to bed early, and sleep well. Do not take stimulants. They might put you on edge—not give you one. Relax, but do your best. Remember, one test seldom makes or breaks a person for life. If you fail, there will be other chances. Do not give up.
  4. Talk to somebody. Steam boilers need escape valves. We humans even more so. When you feel anxiety and concern all bottled up in you, you should talk to somebody—a friend, a parent, a brother, or a sister. Sometimes you need to talk with somebody who can help you.
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So let us repeat: You cannot eliminate stress. But you can learn to lessen it, control it, then stress will never beat you

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