4 good positions to practice anal sex

4 good positions to practice anal sex

4 good positions to practice anal sex
A good starting point to indulge in this moment, especially if you are to practice for the first time, is to find the ideal position. If the woman is comfortable and calm, it will help to relax and, thus, avoid the contraction in the region, one of the great responsible for the pain felt during the sexual intercourse.

Personal Sex, Lu Port-aux indicates 4 good positions that will help you find the ideal spot for this moment:

1. Woman above
“The best position for the first time or an effective attempt is woman on top. The partner should remain unmoved and the woman should control the introduction and movements at the beginning, fitting in carefully so no one gets hurt, without hurrying (this tip holds for all positions).

The specialist also points out that it is important to avoid going back and forth without the penetration having been complete. “That’s the biggest mistake ever made. It’s exactly because men penetrate ‘pumping’ into anal sex that hurts, because that way it’s impossible not to.

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It is best to put it slowly, to try to relax and enjoy a totally sexy moment. When you are inside then you will begin smooth movements. At first the partner should be calm, not to make sudden movements, “explains Lu.

2. On the side
“Without a hustle and bustle, it’s cool at the second moment to try a little bit, where the woman can control everything from the intensity of the movements and still have the possibility to use the masturbators.”

3. Lying down with your legs spread out
Specialist Lu Port-aux says that this position is an alternative to manipulating the clitoris and interacting with the partner, speaking their sensations eye to eye. “This will bring an even warmer climate for both of us. I guarantee that the experience will leave her safe and willing to let go every day. ”

4. Four
“When you are safe and relaxed, that may be one of your favorite positions. Do not forget that even on four, the woman can and should help to introduce and control by manipulating her clitoris”, Indicates the professional.

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Always remember that your pleasure has to be in the first place to enjoy. Otherwise, you may crash and the timing will not be so good. “Sex to be good should be fun, with a lot of complicity from the couple.

In this way, all the taboos and fears cease to exist and their perceptions about their body, pleasure and empowerment change in an amazing way, “says Lu.

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