28 fascinating facts about sex you did not know


28 fascinating facts about sex you did not know
Sex is part of human nature. Whether practiced casually or within a relationship, sexual intercourse is proven to be beneficial to people’s health – provided, of course, it is done safely and consensually.

You probably already know that sex releases substances linked to physical, mental and emotional well-being and is able to boost immunity, improve sleep, and bring benefits to the skin. But there’s still a lot about sex to discover!

There are many lines of research related to this subject. Among them are studies to discover the functioning of the organism, such as responses to stimuli, physiological reactions involved in the sexual act, the psychological side and behavioral issues. As a result, scientists have already provided us with a wide variety of curiosities about sex.

Check out our list of fascinating facts about this practice so present since the world is world:

1. The orgasm relieves pain as it releases endorphins, which have anesthetic power.

2. Every second, 7 Viagra tablets are sold worldwide.

3. The clitoris has double nerve endings in relation to the penis: they are about 8 thousand.

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4. The erotic dreams that lead to the female orgasm happen about 90 minutes after the woman falls asleep because it is at that time that the blood flow in the region of the vagina increases.

5. Like the ear and nose, the clitoris never stops growing. At age 30, he is four times bigger than at puberty.

6. A woman loses about 70 calories during intercourse while men lose 100 to 200 calories.

7. Orgasm also “slims”: the phenomenon consumes 27 calories.

8. The sperm can stay alive within the woman’s body for 5 days.

9. One teaspoon of semen contains 7 calories.

10. The egg can measure up to 14 millimeters and can be seen with the naked eye.

11. During sex, our body produces an antidiuretic hormone, so you may have trouble urinating soon after intercourse.

12. Good reason to take care of cholesterol: the lower the levels, the better the sexual performance.

13. Despite this, it is good to urinate after sex, as this habit avoids urinary tract infections.

14. The smell of pumpkins is able to stimulate blood flow to the penis, aiding in erection.

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15. A single sperm contains the equivalent of 37.5 MB of genetic information. With 17 ejaculations, you can achieve the storage capacity of a 256GB iPhone.

16. A low blood glucose level may make you less likely to feel the urge to have sex. Eat dessert.

17. Men under 40 take about 10 seconds to get an erection.

18. During ejaculation, the semen travels at 45 km / h.

19. 35% of people under 35 check their social networks shortly after having sex.

20. Worse: 20% of people under the age of 35 use the cell phone DURING sex.

21. The male orgasm lasts 6 seconds, while the female lasts 20 seconds.

22. Homosexual women are the most affected by orgasm: they reach climax in 74.7% of sexual relations, while heterosexuals have 61.6%, and bisexuals, 58%.

23. Having sex after going to the gym is a good idea: exercise increases blood flow to the genital area and raises testosterone levels.

24. Pretending orgasm is a practice associated with women, but 31% of men have done so as well.

25. Feeling icy feet is an impediment to orgasm: a survey found that, when wearing socks, the number of women who climaxed increased from 50% to 80%.

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26. Women are more likely to betray their partners when they are ovulating.

27. Your brain becomes less alert during intercourse. The amygdala, responsible for fear and anxiety, is “turned off” during the female orgasm.

28. In women, orgasm lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and depression. That is, it seems that sex is the best medicine.

Were you surprised by these curiosities? Sex is an inexhaustible source of interesting facts, and we still have a lot to discover as our research advances. In the meantime, keep learning and enjoying the benefits to the fullest, always putting health first.

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