15 seasonings that will make your recipes tastier


15 seasonings that will make your recipes tastier
Good food is well seasoned food! And salt is not good, see? Nature is full of benefits, aromas and flavors, so many plants that are good for our health and often we do not realize it. Let me tell you that besides taking advantage of the riches that nature provides us and taking care of our health, you can make your recipes even more tasty with some seasonings. Get Inspired!

1. Oregano
Oregano is that sweet little seasoning that can not be missed on pizza! By using your leaves fresh or dehydrated, this seasoning enhances the taste of the recipe. Particularly, I love using oregano in strogonoff, sandwich and salads.

2. Basil
Basil, in addition to having a delicious fragrance and flavor, has many health benefits, such as: improves the immune system, is anti-stress and aids in the elimination of kidney stone. This seasoning combines with sauces and pasta.

3. Rosemary
Besides being used as tea, rosemary is a wonderful seasoning! Beans seasoned with rosemary is already registered in my house, it gets really good. What’s more, it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

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4. Blonde
The bay has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds, and as seasoning, it brings an extra flavor to your recipe, especially in sauces and beans.

5. Coriander
Coriander is a plant whose chopped leaves are part of many dishes! In some countries, even their roots are harvested at the time of seasoning. With unmistakable flavor and aroma, coriander is part of this sauce recipe , which is great for accompanying pasta, boiled potatoes or meat.

6. Mint
Mint? But is not mint just used in teas and seasoned juices? Yeah, I thought so too, until in a restaurant I tasted a beef steak with mint sauce, and I was amazed at the taste! It pays to try this plant as seasoning in meats too.

7. Salsa
Our beloved parsley! This seasoning is very well known and super easy to grow at home, nor is it necessary to have a vegetable garden, you can grow it even if you live in an apartment. Salsa goes well on all types of food.

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8. Chives
Along with the parsley, these two spices form an unbeatable duo in the art of tempering! Chives have vitamin A and C, and contain calcium and phosphorus. Use on salads, sauces, rice, beans, omelets and sandwiches.

9. Thyme
Being a very aromatic herb, thyme is perfect for seasoning baked, grilled, sauces, omelettes and beans.

10. Sage
The plant, which in Latin means “to save”, is great not only as tea, but to make your recipe more tasty too! Here’s a recipe for butter and sage pasta sauce, it should be delicious!

11. Cumin
This site tells us that cumin combines with cheeses, meats, potatoes, eggs and vegetables, and that is great in sauces too. And it is extremely important to be careful with the amount you will use, just a pinch and the taste will already be very striking.

12. Garlic
Of very rich nutritional value, garlic is very beneficial to health, especially when raw, because it maintains its properties. Its flavor is unmistakable and makes the recipe more special.

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13. Marjoram
Often confused with oregano, marjoram blends well with sauces, omelettes and mayonnaise. In addition, this plant is healing, bactericidal and antiseptic.

14. Caper
Caper is a bush-shaped plant where your flower buds can be enjoyed in the gastronomy. Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 and C, you can use capers primarily in sauces, fish and salads.

15. Ginger
Ginger is a full root of benefits, and of course, it’s an incredible seasoning to make your recipes more flavorful. As its flavor is remarkable, a little amount to temper. It goes well with sauces, meats and salads.

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