12 signs that you are loosing your husband


12 signs that you are loosing your husband

Do you have issues with your marriage? Do you get to see your marriage as unhappy and no longer fun? Do you know why? Well, waiting till your husband starts sleeping around might be too late for your marriage.

There are early signs a man will give if he is not satisfied with you. If you discover them in your marriage, quickly take action before the man becomes totally uninterested in you. These signs include:
1.His Silence. He suddenly talks less to you or your children. He answers your questions with a mono-syllable, will not really greet you. If you do greet him, he will answer casually.

2.Your Words Irritate Him. If you play or talk to him, he feels you are disturbing him. He doesn’t like being ‘disturbed’ when at home. He will only keep to himself.

3.He spends longer time outside than at home. He prefers staying at office, church, with friends than to be at home even on weekends and public holidays.

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4.He doesn’t laugh at your jokes. Nothing you say amuses him even if it makes others fall into fits of laughter.

5.He separates rooms. He moves out of your bedroom or he may ask you to move out with excuses that he wants to have time to pray think or meditate.

6.He doesn’t play with you. He stops playing with you or crack jokes as he does to other.

7.He becomes unpredictable. You can’t predict him, you don’t know his mind, and you don’t know his schedules.

8.No more caring. He doesn’t care about your welfare and that of the children anymore. He becomes nonchalant to the welfare of the home.

9. He becomes difficult. He becomes difficult to relate with. Little things annoy him, and nothing you do seems to satisfy him or make him happy.

10. He complains about you and the children a lot. He complains practically about everything. If your soup has much pepper, then it is salty, if it is not too watery, it definitely is too thick.

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11. He rejects food regularly. He regularly leaves his supper untouched, or rejects food in fits of anger.

12. Frequent quarrels. He picks quarrel too early, fights you about everything or shouts at the slightest provocation

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