10 Reasons That May Explain A Bleeding In You After Sex


10 Reasons That May Explain A Bleeding In You After Sex
If you have ever experienced the occurrence of some blood spots on the toilet or even underwear after having had intercourse, you know that this can be quite scary.

When we are not in the menstrual period, any sign of blood in the intimate region automatically causes us to call a warning about a possible injury or more serious illness.

The situation gets worse if you look for this sign on Google: many results can make you believe you have cancer, which leaves any woman in a panic.

Keep in mind that the chances of the cause of this bleeding being a malignant tumor are small in the face of all other possible reasons, but does not that mean that you should not check the real reason with the gynecologist, combined?

1. Sexually transmitted diseases
Generally, women who have unprotected sex often worry about an unwanted pregnancy, forgetting the possibility of contracting an STD, especially if the partner is fixed.

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Even if the bleeding occurs months after the relationship, it is advisable to consult the gynecologist to request the necessary tests to detect an STD.

2. Inflammatory Pelvic Disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease usually results from the spread of an STD to the uterus, uterine tubes or ovaries. In addition to bleeding, symptoms may include pelvic pain, fever, and vaginal discharge.

3. Lack of vaginal lubrication
If your vagina is very dry during intercourse, this can also lead to bleeding. Vaginal dryness is more common in menopause, so if you are not at that stage, lack of lubrication may be due to a low level of estrogen.

4. Pregnancy
Pregnancy can cause minor bleeding at the onset, so it’s good to get tested if you suspect that might be the reason. However, do not dispose of an STD or other illness.

5. Very intense sex
A very intense sexual intercourse, with vigorous penetrations, generates more friction between the penis and the vagina, being able to generate traumas that lead to the bleeding. Different positions of what you practice can also be the cause of the problem.

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6. Long time without having sex
Most likely, a slight post-sexual bleeding that occurs after a long period without sex is harmless. However, because we can not see our own uterine cervix, it is advisable to make a medical appointment.

7. Cervical ectopy
Cervical ectopy occurs when the lining of the inside of the cervical canal becomes localized in the outer portion. As this coating is very thin, it is very susceptible to bleeding during intercourse. It may be necessary to cauterize the lesion, so be sure to consult your gynecologist.

8. Cancer
Cervical cancer is the leading type of malignancy among women under the age of 35. Although vaginal bleeding is a symptom of this type of cancer, the chances of the bleeding being caused by another reason are great.

9. Candida infection
A serious infection by the fungus Candida albicans, naturally present in the vulva, can become a vulvovaginitis. The sexual act injures the region that is already sensitized and can generate the bleeding.

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10. Polyps
Polyps, which are small growths of tissue anywhere on the body, can be the cause of post-sexual bleeding if they are present in the cervix. Polyps are very vascularized, so they bleed easily when injured during sex.

Although polyps are not malignant, they may need to be removed to prevent future problems.

As you can see, a vaginal bleeding after sex can have several different origins and you should not panic before consulting with a gynecologist. Usually, the cause can be treated easily, but that does not dispense the need for a medical evaluation.

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