10 Foods That Are Bad For The Skin. No 5-8 is VERY Dangerous


10 Foods That Are Bad For The Skin. No 5-8 is VERY Dangerous

It is a common habit around the world to get to eat any food that our heart craves for. Surprisingly, there are a lot of this foods that are not good for the body. We were able to get a couple of few ones.

1. Red meat
Consumption of red meat, especially fat-laden parts can lead to inflammatory reactions. This is by the virtue of saturated fat content of meats. In excess, free radicals generated overpowers the anti-oxidation capacity of the free radical scavengers in the body.

2. Foods with high glycemic load
These foods cause drastic fluctuations in the blood sugar. This leads to excess secretion of insulin and androgen’s during the high and low bouts respectively. A major reason to contribute to surplus sebum production, enhanced skin cell division and aggregation of dead skin cells ? leading to acne.

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3. Foods that disturb water balance
Dehydration causes drying of the skin. Wrinkling is a common side effect of lack of moisture in the skin. Dehydration and acne are interlinked because drying of skin and dead skin cells coming together cause acne.

4. Excess salt
Excess salt retains additional fluid in the body causing swelling and a puffy look to the skin. The skin texture is spoilt on prolonged salt abuse. Papads, pickles, salted foods, table salt, brined/canned food products are the potential sources of salt to the body.

5. Excess sugar?
Not literally only sugar, but even jaggery and excessive honey!

6. Excess caffeine
Caffeine is a known stimulant which increase the cortisol production in the body and enhances the ageing process by thinning the skin. This dehydrates the skin and even leads to wrinkling. In addition, caffeine is a diuretic which further increases the risk of dehydration. So beware when you decide to go for an additional helping of coffee, tea or chocolates too!

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7. Alcohol
Alcohol inhibits the Anti-Diuretic Hormone secretion thus causing dehydration. Furthermore, it also causes vasodilatation, which then leads to excess water loss through the skin. This is also known to be a contributing factor to acute phases of psoriasis as per the American Academy of Dermatology.

8. Aerated beverages?
Aerated drinks can be nightmarish for the skin. Exceptions are the so-called diet-cokes and the family. But their caffeine content makes them the villains for skin health.

9. Processed foods
Refined or processed foods like maida (refined flour) and its products, canned and sweetened fruits and juices are low in fiber content, thus increasing the glycemic load. Moreover the processed foods are often high in their salt/sodium content. As a by-product of processing, these also lose the nutrients of the parent food products important for skin health.

10. Foods that enhance free-radical production
Free radicals are known to disrupt the skin’s structure by destroying collagen and elastin; the fibers that support the skin structure. They also cause damage at the cellular level by disturbing the DNA structure.

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